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Malmsten Fund

The Malmsten Fund

During their lifetime, Lincoln residents Carl “CJ” and Salina Malmsten established a trust from which funds were to be gifted to charitable organizations.  After their deaths, the trust provided annual gifts to the Nebraska Presbyterian Foundation for 20 years to supplement pensions of Nebraska Presbyterian pastors, or their surviving spouse, who had served churches in Nebraska and had a financial need. 

By 1980 the Malmsten trust had ended and the remaining funds held by Nebraska Presbyterian Foundation were invested.  With the income from investments, the board chose to follow the legacy of the Malmsten’s by giving an annual gift from the fund to retired Presbyterian pastors, or surviving spouse's, who served a congregation in Nebraska. The sale of Clark Jeary Retirement Community in 2017 allowed the Foundation to also dedicate a portion of the proceeds to the Malmsten Fund.

A retired PCUSA pastor, or surviving spouse, who served as an installed pastor of a Nebraska church is eligible to receive a gift from this fund.  For questions or to apply for the Malmsten Fund, click here.