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Recent Grants

Spring 2022

  • First Presbyterian Church-Beatrice ($5,000)

    Support for the Little Free Pantry project to alleviate food insecurity in their community.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Fairbury ($13,423)

    Funding for playground equipment to benefit their preschool program and neighborhood.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Falls City ($35,000)

    Funding to implement Wednesday's Mosaic Table, a food outreach and alternative worship program.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Lexington ($23,847)

    Funding for audio visual improvements to enhance their online presence and alleviate communication barriers.

  • Hastings College ($9,800)

    A grant to make improvements and provide supplies for Crimson Cupboard, a campus food pantry working to eliminate food insecurity among students.

  • Heritage Presbyterian Church-Lincoln ($5,107)

    Support for upgrading audio visual equipment to improve the worship experience, both in-person and online.

  • Hope Presbyterian Church-Omaha ($6,000)

    Support for their food pantry and collaboration with an elementary school food backpack program.

  • Peace Presbyterian Church-Elkhorn ($25,000)

    A grant to enhance building accommodations for mission groups they host annually.

  • Valentine Presbyterian Church-Valentine ($15,000)

    Funding for technology to improve and expand their online presence.

Fall 2021

  • Aging Partners of Lincoln & Lancaster Co.-Lincoln ($85,900)

    Equipment to prepare meals for senior centers in Lancaster County.

  • Center For People in Need-Lincoln ($23,500)

    General operating support for food distribution and training programs.

  • CenterPointe-Lincoln ($10,000)

    Funding for basic needs items for the street outreach team and clients utilizing their housing services.

  • Columbus Area United Way-Columbus ($10,000)

    Funding for a PSA project to promote awareness, education, and resources for mental health issues.

  • Columbus Community Center-Columbus ($35,000)

    Funding for an accessible senior center entrance.

  • Community Action-Lincoln ($25,000)

    General operating support for the hunger relief program at The Gathering Place.

  • Fresh Start-Lincoln ($20,000)

    General operating support for the transitional housing program for women.

  • League of Human Dignity-Lincoln ($5,000)

    Funding to purchase durable medical equipment for their loan and rental program to help people achieve independence.

  • Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach-Lincoln ($20,000)

    Support for their hunger relief program for the homeless and near-homeless in Lincoln.

  • Mourning Hope Grief Center-Lincoln ($20,000)

    Support for an online grief support program for adults.

  • Platte County Food Pantry-Columbus ($35,000)

    Funding to purchase a van for food distribution.

  • Willard Community Center-Lincoln ($20,000)

    General operating support for their senior adult programming.

Spring 2021

  • First Presbyterian Church-Axtell ($10,000)

    Funding for start-up costs associated with opening an after-school enrichment program.

  • Calvin Crest Camp-Fremont ($66,000)

    Project support to increase camp technology capabilities and safety improvement projects.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Beaver City ($15,000)

    Grant for technology improvements for recording and livestreaming worship services.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Omaha ($10,000)

    Funding for technology upgrades to improve the quality of livestreamed worship.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Schuyler ($19,000)

    In support of a collaborative food and clothing distribution project for low-income families.

  • Hickman Presbyterian Church ($14,000)

    Grant funding for technology upgrades to allow hybrid worship services.

  • Homestead Presbytery-Lincoln ($15,000)

    Partial funding for the Healthy Congregations initiative which focuses on congregations in transition.

  • Southern Heights Presbyterian Church-Lincoln ($10,000)

    Support for improvements to their community garden space and food forest which promotes growing and eating healthy food.

  • Underwood Presbyterian Church-Omaha ($13,500)

    Funding for their food distribution project which address food insecurity in their neighborhood.

  • Westminster Presbyterian Church-Lincoln ($10,000)

    Support for equipment upgrades necessary to offer quality livestreamed worship services.

Fall 2020

  • Asian Community & Cultural Center-Lincoln ($60,000)

    Funding for a van to transport elders who utilize their health, social and case management programs.

  • Bridges to Hope-Lincoln ($10,000)

    General operating support for their services to help those re-entering society after incarceration.

  • Catholic Social Services-Lincoln ($20,000)

    Funding for their emergency services and food pantry programs, helping those who are at-risk of homelessness and struggle with hunger.

  • Center for Survivors-Columbus ($20,000)

    General operating support for advocacy programs for domestic violence victims and families.

  • Clinic With a Heart-Lincoln ($20,000)

    General operating support for the free healthcare clinic serving the underserved and underinsured.

  • Columbus Rescue Mission-Columbus ($10,000)

    General operating support to help alleviate homelessness and food insecurity in their community.

  • Food Bank of Lincoln-Lincoln ($25,000)

    To help meet increased demand, funding for food and personal care item acquisition.

  • Good Neighbor Community Center-Lincoln ($25,000)

    General operating support for their programs which address hunger, homelessness, education, and resettlement.

  • HopeSpoke-Lincoln ($9,025)

    Funding for case management services for Vietnamese elders.

  • Tabitha-Lincoln ($45,000)

    Support for Meals on Wheels which provides a daily meal for vulnerable and at-risk people regardless of their ability to pay.

  • Voices of Hope-Lincoln ($10,000)

    General operating support for domestic violence crisis intervention and advocacy.

Spring 2020

  • Church of the Plains-Edgar ($4,050)

    Update technology equipment to record and livestream worship services.

  • Eastridge Presbyterian Church-Lincoln ($72,000)

    Renovation of their food pantry and installation of ADA compliant sidewalk ramp to address food insecurity in their community.

  • Community Presbyterian Church-Fairfield ($15,161)

    Update sound system to allow all areas of building to be used for community events.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Lincoln ($6,000)

    Installation of a hearing loop to enhance the worship experience for the hearing impaired.

  • Hope Presbyterian Church-Omaha ($3,000)

    Purchase supplies to fill backpacks with food for distribution at their local elementary school.

  • New Life Presbyterian Church-Omaha ($3,000)

    Support for their free after-school enrichment and food program for neighborhood children.

  • Palmyra Presbyterian Church ($4,600)

    First aid kits for a community outreach project.

  • Presbytery of Missouri River Valley-Omaha ($25,400)

    Purchase rebuilding supplies for work weeks related to spring 2019 flooding.

Fall 2019

  • Center For People in Need-Lincoln ($17,000)

    In support of a commercial cooler to store perishable food items for distribution and grocery store vouchers for Thanksgiving distribution.

  • CenterPointe-Lincoln ($10,000)

    Basic necessity items for street outreach team and clients utilizing their housing services.

  • Columbus Area United Way-Columbus ($1,500)

    Curriculum for Bridges Out of Poverty workshop to empower those living near or below the poverty line to reach financial stability.

  • Columbus Community Center-Columbus ($35,500)

    Update of kitchen equipment used for the meal program for the elderly and enable them to grow their mission.

  • Community Action Partnership-Lincoln ($5,000)

    In support of the Gathering Place, which provides healthy and nutritious meals to those struggling with hunger.

  • Family Service Association-Lincoln ($5,000)

    Funding to pilot a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren support group to provide guidance and resources for grandparents involved in the therapeutic process.

  • Fresh Start-Lincoln ($10,000)

    Funding for their Individualized Goal Program which helps women who are homeless achieve economic stability and overall wellness.

  • League of Human Dignity-Lincoln ($5,000)

    To obtain durable medical equipment for their loan and rental program to help people achieve independence.

  • Lincoln Housing Charities-Lincoln ($40,000)

    Support for a wheelchair-accessible van for their low-income independent senior housing apartment complexes.

  • Madonna-Lincoln ($20,000)

    Funding for the Community Medical Transportation program which provides medical appointment transportation for disabled and elderly in the community.

  • Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach-Lincoln ($10,000)

    Support of their Hunger Relief Program for the homeless and near-homeless in Lincoln.

  • Nebraska Children's Home Society-Lincoln ($10,000)

    To expand their Raising Your Grandchildren program in Lancaster County, providing support, resources and parenting strategies for grandparents.

Spring 2019

  • Calvin Crest Camp-Fremont ($52,000)

    Solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint and educate campers on being good stewards of the earth.

  • First Presbyterian Church-Hastings ($12,000)

    Update of broadcast ministry equipment to livestream worship services for rural Nebraska congregations who are without a pastor.

  • Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church-Lincoln ($30,000)

    Construction of a pavilion for alternate worship services and neighborhood and community usage.

  • Hastings College ($2,500)

    Supplies for a student-coordinated event to package meals for the hungry, both locally and globally.

  • Omaha Presbyterian Semindary Foundation ($25,000)

    Expansion of the Pastoral Leadership Revitalization Program into Homestead Presbytery and congregations in western Nebraska.

  • Presbyterian Church of Fremont ($20,000)

    Update fire detection system to meet code requirements to establish a daycare ministry.